Our Community

The Burgmann College Community remains unique and compelling as a fully collegiate university residence for 350 students within the Australian National University.

With over 250 fully catered undergraduates and a village community of over 120 postgraduates, there is a vibrant interaction between diverse and interesting intellectual forces that supports a high academic and research achievement.

Our learning community is based on ‘shared learning’ amongst residents.  Academic support is both received and given by all. Our community is obsessed with a simple purpose – that everyone may achieve their highest possible potential, academically and personally. Burgmann expects all residents to give as well as receive academic support from each other. We offer our residents the opportunity to balance academic study with the many other interests available to explore, whether they are intellectual, social, sporting, religious, political or artistic. The choices are yours to pursue.

Burgmann College emphasises individual freedom and growth on the one hand and collegiate commitment, responsibility and contribution on the other.  All residents are asked to maintain a balance between enjoyment of personal freedom and respect for the freedom of others; between creative individualism and collegiate cooperation, and respecting others’ privacy. That balance is central to the College’s origins and is fundamental to its continuing progress.

The endorsement of this approach is seen in residents’ strong commitment to the College over many years through gifts of artworks, trophies, library books and donations to the Bursary Fund, together with voluntary commitment to College Council, Committees and Alumni activities.