What Sets Us Apart?

We are unique in many ways. No other college in Australia brings 126 postgraduate students together with its undergraduate community of 258 residents. This collegiate environment offers enhanced academic support and an extraordinary diversity of experience. The benefits are multiple:

  • improved coverage of undergraduate courses
  • longer-term mentorship
  • scaled-up outreach and special program development
  • expanded links with the ANU and Canberra community.

Burgmann is a community comprising residential members (students and staff), members of Council and members of Convocation. Unlike many older colleges, Burgmann is a single community with no hierarchies of residential membership, and students have a significant say in the running of the College.

The College has created a learning community based on ‘shared learning’ amongst residents. Academic support is both received and given by all. Our community is obsessed with a simple purpose – that everyone may achieve their highest possible potential, academically and personally.

New residents quickly realise that they are not simply taking part in a place where residents learn, but where they contribute to the learning of others and as a result, their own personal development.

At Burgmann shared learning, both giving and receiving, is paramount.

Unlike any other College on the ANU Campus, Burgmann College is noted for having live-in staff. The Principal, Deputy Principal and College Dean all live on site and are available to assist residents. During term breaks and vacations, a member of the residential staff is always present to assist the Residential Advisors and after-hours duty persons in the event of an emergency.