Board of Management

The Board of Management consists of:

  • The officers of Burgmann Council;
  • One of the Burgmann Councillors appointed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University;
  • The President of the Burgmann Residents Association;
  • Two Councillors, being representatives of the resident members of the College, at least one of whom is to be a representative of the academic staff;
  • Four other Councillors;
  • The Principal; and
  • The Deputy Principal

Board of Management members are to be elected by and from Burgmann Councillors at a general meeting. The Board of Management meets 10 times in each Calendar Year.

Board of Management Members

Name Position
Mr Greg Mills Chair
Mr Matthew Lobb Secretary
Ms Betty Ferguson Treasurer
Ms Sally Renouf Principal
Mr Alex McKenzie Deputy Principal
Mr James Carter Baptist Union
Dr James Popple Elected by Council
  Elected by Council
Associate Professor Wayne Morgan Australian National University Representative
Mr Oliver Byrne BRA President
Miss Charlotte Young Academic Representative
Miss Fenna Kroon Resident Representative