From the Principal

Welcome to Burgmann College, our website and our community.

Burgmann offers a stimulating lifestyle and an approach that evolves with the times. College life is exciting and challenging as you learn and grow with 350 other residents from all over the world, studying a full range of degrees from Bachelor to PhD.
The College is an academic community, with full value given to both semesters. We encourage residents to develop to their full academic potential while  contributing to and benefiting from being part of the College.

We are a friendly College, with a diverse range of residents. There are no initiations. We are egalitarian in our approach and new residents enter as equals with more senior ones. Our residential staff provides leadership and guidance, while our administrative staff make sure everything works smoothly. In keeping with our egalitarian tradition, senior student leadership comes from Residential Advisors and the BRA House Committee, where leadership is earned on the basis of service and not status. There is only one level of status – as a member of the Burgmann community. Our distinctive life thrives on the participation of our members, who share their talents, abilities and energies for the common good, while celebrating diversity.

Our community prides itself on the academic and social development of its residents. We believe in personal support and care, and we are proud of our egalitarian approach. We offer a quality living and learning environment, in which our students can flourish.