What is the application process?

To apply for residence at Burgmann College, prospective students are required to apply online only, via the University Accommodation (UA) Portal

UA receives applications for all halls, colleges and affiliates within and associated with the ANU.  The online application form requests four preferences for university residences. We recommend that you list four preferences with Burgmann College as your first preference. ANU does not require supporting documents, but WE DO! Please send us your cv, personal statement and reference(s).

Please note as part of the application process Burgmann conducts telephone interviews with shortlisted applicants, only those who listed Burgmann College as their first preference will be interviewed.

Further information on accommodation at the ANU is available on the University Accommodation website.

Who can apply?

  • current and future full-time ANU students
  • early career researchers at ANU
  • students in graduate entry courses at ANU such as Medicine and Juris Doctors

 ACT residents in special circumstances can also apply to the Principal.

Do you have minimum entry requirements?

Generally speaking, no. While we do consider your academic results, they are not a major part of our assessment and there is no minimum ATAR score that is required to become a resident at Burgmann. As we only accept students attending the ANU fulltime your score will need to be sufficient to gain entrance to the ANU degree of your choice.  Once you were accepted at ANU, we are content with the educational aspect of your application.  We would however like to know more about you as a person and require a cv, personal statement and reference(s) from all applicants to assist us in the selection process.  Once applicants completed their applications on the ANU portal, they may forward their supporting documents to reception@burgmann.anu.edu.au for consideration.

When do I apply?

Application dates for both semesters are published on the University Accommodation website. The ANU guarantees accommodation for all undergraduate first time students who live outside the ACT region in a hall, college or approved university accommodation.

What if I require disability, partner, and family or off-campus accommodation?

Burgmann has some accessible rooms available.  Please contact Reception by telephone +61 2 6125 6100 to discuss your particular requirements.

What selection criteria does Burgmann use?

Each residential college or hall at the ANU has a different selection criteria and process. At Burgmann, we select students on their ability to contribute to the Burgmann community and to their potential get the most out of the all-round educational experience we offer. Therefore, we look at your co-curricular interests, leadership potential and ability, and contribution to your school and community, in addition to your academic results. More generally the college seeks a balance in all things – gender, academic areas, broad interests and community experience.

Your interview forms the most important part of your application to the College. In your interview, you'll be given the chance to talk about some of your experiences, what you value, how you will contribute to the Burgmann community and what you think you might get out of it!

Who selects residents?

The Admissions Selection Committee (made up of the Principal and senior staff) review all applications and takes into account many factors such as the student interview, individual fit with Burgmann, course, and location (origin) in the selection process.

Is it difficult to gain entry?

The College has a limited number of places available to offer new undergraduate residents. It can vary from as few as 65 to as many as 105 each year.  We normally receive 430 applications.  So yes, unfortunately it is difficult to gain entry because we have limited spaces.

What happens once Burgmann receives my information from ANU UA?

Shortlisted applicants to Burgmann College will be contacted to arrange a phone interview with the Principal.  Successful applicants will then be notified via email.  The email will contain a link to the College’s online portal, where you can secure your place by completing your contract and deposit.  If you are successful, you will be notified via email.  If you are a first year student covered by the accommodation guarantee, then your application will be transferred back to UA, who will arrange alternate accommodation.

Why cant I access my contract?

Your online contract can be found by clicking on the web link in your accommodation offer, which is sent to your ANU email address as an attachment.  The attachment contains a link to the College’s accommodation portal.  You will need to log in to the portal with login and password provided in the letter, rather than you student number and university password.

I don’t have internet access over summer, how can I complete the contact?

The contract is a legal document, and as such we cannot fill it out for you.  By signing it and paying the deposit, you acknowledge your obligations to the College.  If you are out of reach during summer, you will need to ensure that a trusted person can complete it for you.  This might mean giving them access to your personal email address during the time you are away, or else forwarding the contract instructions to them.

When do I need to pay fees?

If you are offered a place at Burgmann, your place will not be secured until:

  • a $500.00 deposit is paid,
  • your contract is completed online, and
  • a passport sized photo is sent to the College with your documentation.

The Statement of Fees and Conditions, which will be provided to you when your offer is made, will indicate the due dates for these documents and payments.

Can I defer an accommodation place?

If students decide to defer their academic place to a later date, their offer of accommodation lapses and the College will not automatically hold a place for them the following semester or year.  Students are required to re-apply for accommodation in the year that they begin study.

Can I Transfer between ANU Halls and Colleges?

ANU students can apply to transfer between ANU Halls and Colleges by signing and returning a transfer form to their current residence. Forms for transfers to ANU Halls can be accessed through UA. Your current residence must sign the form, acknowledging that you have fulfilled your obligations at that Hall and been released from any contractual obligations before it will be considered by your new residence.

What will I find in my room?

For information on accommodation at Burgmann please see Undergraduate Campus Living or Postgraduate Campus Living.

Is linen provided?  Is my room serviced?

Residents usually provide their own linen.  The College provides linen for hire or purchase, particularly for overseas students, at a nominal fee.  Please advise the College prior to your arrival if you require linen. Residents are responsible for the cleaning of their own rooms and linen.

Are there double rooms available?

There are double rooms in the college; some have picture windows and flower boxes, couches or easy chairs, others ensuites.  They are generally reserved for Residential Advisors, Officers of the Burgmann Residents Association and residents in their third or later year at College.

Is there a self-catered option?

For new undergraduates only fully-catered accommodation is provided.  All dietary requirements can be catered for.  Those postgraduate and later year students who qualify for the self-catered accommodation have the option to use the College Dining hall a charge-per-meal basis or pre purchasing a book of 5 meal tickets at a discounted rate.

Can guests stay overnight?

Guests are welcome to stay in resident’s rooms overnight or a weekend (two nights), with any meals taken charged to the resident’s account.  The College can provide a fold-up bed for guests, if linen is required a small fee is charged.

Is there a meet and greet pickup service?

Yes. To assist you in adjusting to life in Australia, ANU International Student Services will have a Welcome Desk at Canberra Airport and the Jolimont Centre during the Orientation Period. Representatives from the ANU will be there to welcome you and make sure you know how to go to your accommodation in Canberra. The Meet and Greet Shuttle Bus is free of charge. If your parents or relatives are travelling with you, it is free for them as well. The shuttle bus will stop at various residential halls on the ANU Campus. On other days the ANU representative will either drive you to your accommodation or provide you with a cab voucher that will allow you to take a cab, free of charge, to your accommodation. For more information visit the ANU International Office.