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The application process for residence at Burgmann College involves an online application, and the provision of supporting documentation.

How to apply

To apply for residence at Burgmann College, prospective students must apply online via the University Accommodation Services (UAS) portal.  The UAS portal is the central application portal to apply for residence at any ANU or affiliated Hall, College or Lodge.  We recommend applicants list Burgmann College as their first and only preference.  Unfortunately ANU's portal does not allow/require the submission of supporting documents, but we do!  Please ensure you complete your registration on the UAS portal first.

Supporting documentation

Burgmann College strongly recommends all applicants email their supporting documentation (CV, personal statement and reference letter or two) to Reception at as soon as possible.  Burgmann College conducts telephone interviews only with shortlisted applicants.  No prospective applicant will be granted a meeting/interview with the Principal or Deputy Principal at any time, as it may lead to an unfair advantage over other applicants.  Applicants that will be overseas during December/January need to provide us with a contact number and/or email address to arrange a suitable date and time for a telephonic interview.

By submitting your supporting documents to us, we get the opportunity to get to know you a little better.  As for what we’re looking for:  diversity and good all-rounders.  By diversity, we mean young people from cities, coastal and rural areas, studying a variety of different courses at ANU (to help with our Academic Network).  We’re looking at who’s sporty, artistic, academic, volunteers in their community, etc.  -  you don’t necessarily have to be all of these things but we’re trying to get a good mix   -   which area(s) do you shine in?  We also want to see how you are planning to get involved in the Burgmann Community and then we’ll decide if you’ll be a good fit.  When writing your Personal Statement, mention all of these things and let us see who you are and what makes you tick.  Since we don’t allow meetings/interviews with the Principal and Deputy for prospective applicants, all we have to go on is your supporting documents, so please make it count!

Best of luck and hope to see you in 2024!

Need more information?  Check out the frequently asked questions or visit the University Accommodation website.