Residential Advisors

The College facilitates academic and pastoral assistance, particularly for first years, through its Residential Advisors (RAs). The RAs have been selected from students studying at the ANU who have special skills in various areas. Being later year students with strong academic performance and a demonstrated caring attitude, they will be able to help you adjust to your new home here at Burgmann.

Each RA is a co-ordinator for a portfolio, which may be an academic or a community portfolio. While any RA can be approached for academic or pastoral assistance, there are also several RAs with the specific responsibility for facilitating academic learning in a subject area or for enriching the college community in specific pastoral areas. The academic areas covered vary and include most areas studied by Burgmann residents.

A major part of the RAs role is to provide pastoral care. This means they are part of the support system in College, and can help you find your way in the College community. All have been trained in various aspects of residential life from first aid, academic assistance, special needs and just plain listening.

Undergraduate RAs are managed by the Undergraduate Community Coordinator and Deputy Principal.  Postgraduate RAs are managed by the Postgraduate Village Community Coordinator and Deputy Principaland with their help, provide the environment for what we hope is a happy and interesting place to live. You may see an RA reminding people to turn their music off after 11pm, or letting residents into their room if they have lost their key. The Duty RA can be contacted 24 hours a day during term time and exams and should be your first point of call for assistance. There are two RAs on each floor in the undergraduate wings (one at either end). There are RAs in each block in the Village.  RAs will make themselves known to residents on their floor and around the College. They offer assistance in a variety of ways:

  • general advice on university study and workload management,
  • providing a referral service to fellow residents that can assist in your subject area,
  • if an academic portfolio co-ordinator, by organising subject specific discussion sessions,
  • suggesting strategies for more effective study techniques,
  • care for individual’s issues, and helping to find the best ways and people to assist,
  • floor, group and individual care and well-being,
  • conflict resolution,
  • assisting in lock-outs
  • helping with noise, smoking or anti-social behaviour,
  • acting as first point of call in an after-hours emergency
  • locking up the college at night time