Undergraduate Campus Living


The College's two original residential wings were named by residents early in 1970s, 'Homer' after the legendary Greek poet responsible for both the Iliad and the Odyssey, not after a certain television show! 'Barassi' was named after Australian Rules player and coaching legend, Ron Barassi AM. Most undergraduates will be located within these two wings.

Each wing has three floors with two resident advisors living at each end of the floor. All floors have a different theme, chosen by the RAs at the start of the year. The hub of activity on each floor is the Convo area - a recess in the middle of the floor with lounge chairs for informal gatherings. Every fortnight the RAs host Tim Tams in Convo, a social get together over a few packets of Tim Tams to chat, discuss floor events and relax. Kitchenettes are found on each floor adjacent to Convos. They have communal refrigerators, microwaves and toasters.

About your room

  • Each room is supplied with a bed and mattress protector, pillow and pillow protector, desk, adjustable desk chair, easy chair, bookshelves, hand basin and pinboard.
  • Each room has cabled internet, telephone and central heating.
  • You need to supply and launder your own bed linen and towels, there are laundry facilities on each floor.
  • Bathrooms, which are unisex, are shared on a shower-to-student ratio of about 1:6.
  • Residents are encouraged to personalise their rooms with pictures, posters and ornaments.
  • Rooms are allocated to new and returning residents by the College over the summer vacation.

Please read the Furniture Policy.

Single Rooms

There are 195 single rooms including three with disabled access. Single rooms are available to all residents. Many single rooms feature a 'Tardis' named after the tv show Dr Who because it's bigger on the inside than the outside. The 'Tardis' contains the hand basin and plenty of storage space.

Larger Rooms

There are a limited number of larger rooms available in the undergraduate wings. Demand typically exceeds the number available. The College looks to allocate these rooms to those residents who provide a significant contribution to college community.


Located at the end of each wing the six facilities rooms feature a private ensuite and a large built-in wardrobe. These rooms typically have a double or queen sized bed and large windows with pleasant views.




Double/Convo rooms are two single rooms joined together with an internal doorway. There are twelve double/convo rooms available and they are located in the centre of the undergraduate wings next the convo area. They typically have a double bed, two tardis' and two hand basins.



These rooms are slightly larger than the size of a double/convo room and feature full-sized sliding windows with a window box for flowers. The six windows rooms typically have a double or queen sized bed and are situated at the end of the undergraduate wings.



Dining and Meals

Undergraduate residents are provided with 21 meals per week as part of their contract. Most meals are served cafeteria style and can be taken in the Dining Room, on the terraces, under the trees on the back lawn, or on the front lawn.

Dining services at Burgmann College are delivered by world class caterer Chartwells, a division of Compass Group.

Chartwells specialises in food and management services within the education sector in Australia and prides itself on providing a tailored catering solution to the Burgmann community.

Chartwells' dedicated and creative catering team ensures students, staff and visitors enjoy a delicious menu that varies daily, caters for all tastes and offers a range of choices at every mealtime. All dietary and any special requirements are also catered for.

While the dining options provided are always guaranteed to be tasty, Chartwells is also committed to providing customers with well balanced meals, in addition to contributing to their understanding of health and nutrition. Being able to make smart meal choices is a priority for many people and Scolarest helps customers to make informed decisions by providing simple and factual messages that assist to clear up some of the confusion that can surround nutrition.

Our catering team takes their commitment to deliver quality, balanced and exciting dining options to the Burgmann College community very seriously and look forward to having the opportunity of serving you soon.

Meal Times

Meal times for undergraduate residents are:

Breakfast     7.00am - 9.30am (Weekdays) 7.00am - 10.30am (Weekends)
Lunch          12.30 pm - 1.30pm (Everyday)
Dinner          5.30 pm - 6.45 pm (most days) 5.00pm - 6.30pm (Sundays)

Late and early meals can be requested for both lunch and dinner. Late and early meals are placed in the refrigerator in the Dining Room. Microwaves are provided for re-heating purposes. Residents may also request a packed lunch, this must be done the night before and picked up at breakfast.

College Facilities

Burgmann has many facilities to help you relax, socialise and study.

Dining Room

The Dining Room is where most undergraduate residents eat their meals. As such it forms the most regular gathering of residents in the College. This provides the greatest opportunity to socialise and chat with a wide variety of people. Open from 7.00 am - 10.30pm, the Dining Room provides access to fruit, tea, coffee, milo and hot chocolate throughout this time.

The Dining Room also has a piano. Residents are free to play as long as the Dining Room is open. Most formal dinners take place in the Dining Room, ranging in themes, menus, and events.

For more information on dining and meal times and catering please see Dining and Meals.

Common Room

The Common Room is used for casual social and study gatherings, formal events, group meetings, table tennis, and watching TV. The Common Room is equipped with a television, lounge suites, a stage, and numerous tables and chairs.

The TV area located at the far end of the Common Room, is connected to a DVD player, Foxtel (pay TV), as well as the usual free-to-air TV channels.

After most formal dinners, the Common Room is set up with a dance floor and DJ equipment so residents can relax and dance the night away. The point is to have fun, so if you have requests for favourite songs to be played, please don't hesitate to ask the DJ.


Named 'Le Chat Noir' (The Black Cat) the College Bar is a major social hub and an important part of College social life. The bar is open for formal events and often open between 8.30pm - 10.30pm.  It sells food, sweets and drinks, alcoholic and non alcoholic. It is run by the College and staffed by a College-employed Bar Manager and resident bar staff. All bar staff must have a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate. The Principal has absolute discretion in regard to the bar, including prices, opening and closing times, and the regulation of people using it.

Snooker Table

Situated on the ground floor, the common room houses a snooker table, donated to the College by the late Trevor Wigney, Master of Burgmann, 1976–1980. The classic style table is free to use and there are both snooker and pool balls.

One of the traditional Burgmann formal events is the Burgmann Snooker competition 'Dawborn'. The competition is played for weeks, eliminating people until the final match between the last two players. The final match is preceeded by a formal dinner and drinks. During the match people socialise and watch the competition being decided. The Dawborn competition has been running at Burgmann since 1984 and is known as an event with much ‘panache’.


Pronounced like ‘Café’, this room adjoins the Chapel and is the postgraduate common room. It houses a TV with Foxtel and coffee making facilities. Undergraduates are welcome to use this room as well.




Grounds and Gardens

The College maintains extensive gardens and grounds for resident enjoyment. There are two large lawns, one at the front of the College and an internal courtyard. The internal courtyard has numerous tables and chairs allowing residents to study, socialise or dine together in the pleasant surrounds.



Meeting and Study Areas

Computer Lab

The computer lab is located in the Griffin Wing. The lab is an ANU InfoCommons facility, restricted to Burgmann residents, but otherwise identical to University computing facilities. It houses printers and a mixture of PCs and Macs. All computers are connected to the University network and have Internet access. One computer has an attached flatbed scanner. Any files you save on the Burgmann computers are accessible from other InfoCommons labs on campus

Tutorial Room

The Tutorial Room is a multi-purpose room for functions, meetings and study.  The folding partition allows the room to be divided in half enabling two tutorials or study groups to use the room simultaneously.




Grenfell Price and Campbell Edwards Rooms

Situated near the Dining Room, these two linked rooms, often referred to simply as the 'GP' Room, are used for special or private meetings or functions and study. Some of the College’s art collection hangs here, along with annual photographs of residents and mounted posters of College balls, plays, fashion parades, etc.




Hawker Room

The Hawker Room is situated on the ground floor of the Homer Wing and faces towards Lake Burley Griffin. The room is used for small meetings, workshops and study space.  BRA often uses this room for meetings.





The Chapel is available to all residents and is used for numerous purposes. It also houses one of the College's grand pianos.



Music Room

The College's dedicated music room is away from bedrooms allowing residents to practice without disturbing others. The music room has an upright piano.

Other Facilities

IT Services

The IT Crowd assist the College in the administration of the College’s network. This includes helping people install the software, making the appropriate configuration changes to connect to the College network, monitoring the computer lab and printer paper supplies and updating the College website. From time to time, orientation sessions are held to instruct on software and hardware used in the lab.

Computing in Student Rooms

All residents’ rooms can be connected to the internet via Ethernet cable (CAT-5, usually blue). Network cables are available for purchase from Reception. Wireless access is currently available in all common areas. The College does not allow any activities which involve or promote copyright infringements.

Car Parking

Surface parking is available in the immediate precincts of the College. There is also a secure multi-story car park behind the College which provides undercover spaces (except for the top floor). A parking permit is required for both surface parking and secure parking. For further information on parking or to purchase a parking permit can be obtained from ANU Transport and Parking.



Bicycles should be kept within the College bike sheds. The compound is locked at all times and is opened by a dedicated key obtained after completing a Bike Registration form at Reception and obtaining a current bicycle tag. The bicycle racks in the bike shed have fittings for chaining your bicycle and anti-theft devices are advised. Although the bike shed is roofed, bicycles do suffer in the Canberra weather and residents should weigh up the advisability of bringing expensive bikes to College. Bicycles, vehicles (and parts of same) must not be kept inside the College buildings, in residents’ rooms, corridors or under the stairs.


Laundries are located on each floor of the undergraduate wings. Each laundry has a washing machine and dryer and adjoins a drying room. Machines operate from 7am-10.30pm each day.  An iron and ironing board are also on each floor.