Gifts in Wills

Sam Cass & Annabelle Wassall, Burgmann Residents 2017-2019Creating A Legacy

“Burgmann may be a college, but above all it is a community to treasure.”
Judy Middlebrook, Foundation Burgmann Resident 1971 to 1982; Honorary Fellow

A promise to the future

Making a Will is not only an important means for you to provide support for your loved ones, but an opportunity to create a legacy that is meaningful to you through a charitable bequest. There are many wonderful and rewarding reasons to do so.

A gift in your Will gives you the opportunity to:

  • Express cherished values and beliefs by supporting a cause close to your heart, that might not have been possible during your lifetime.
  • Honour the memory of someone dear to you and the causes they cherished through a named memorial.
  • Realise personal philanthropic goals without affecting your own financial security.
  • Residents of 1972Create something truly remarkable for the future that inspires and transforms.

Since its very beginnings, Burgmann College has been built on heart—through the generosity, vision and passion of many people. Philanthropy has played an essential role in this and will continue to, into Burgmann’s future.

Just like our earliest supporters who planted the seeds of Burgmann, you too can contribute to creating Burgmann’s evolving vision.

Burg Day Brick Race 1972

Photo captions:
1) Sam Cass & Annabelle Wassall, Burgmann Residents 2017-2019
2) Residents of 1972
3) Burg Day Brick Race 1972

The Place to Become

“Living at Burgmann surrounded me with so many incredible people who were passionate about the things they were doing. I would not have involved myself in university life as much as I did, or done as well in my academic work, if I didn’t have these people in my life.”
Stella Ajani, Burgmann Resident 2017-2019

Tash Salisbury, Jonny Lang, Erin Ronge & Arabella Davey at the Inward Bound End Point

So many inspiring ways to support Burgmann

Current initiatives for which your legacy would make a world of difference: 

  • Burgmann College Endowment Fund

One of the most valuable and enduring ways to contribute to Burgmann’s future is by supporting our Burgmann College Endowment Fund. This Fund is critical for ensuring accessibility and the diversity of our resident community, keeping our facilities fit for purpose, and safeguarding our rich and vibrant Burgmann culture.

  • Residents of 1989

    Scholarships & Bursaries Fund

Your support of the Scholarships and Bursaries Fund is a powerful statement of the egalitarian ethos Burgmann stands for, removing financial barriers for new and returning residents who could not otherwise afford to benefit from Burgmann’s supportive environment.

  • New Beginnings Flexible Bursary Fund

Named ‘New Beginnings’ after the artwork by Walgalu artist Aidan Hartshorn, Dhalang-girr Gabin-gidyal, this special fund supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents to help make moving from home to College that much less of an obstacle.

Poppy Thomson, Will Salkeld (Burgmann Residents 2020-Present) & Jonny Lang (Burgmann Resident 2018-2020)

Other Burgmann programs benefitting from philanthropic support include our Leadership Program, Residential Fellow Program and First Nations Arts Initiative.

Your own Burgmann experience may inspire thoughts of other areas worthy of support—we encourage you to first discuss your ideas with our Director of Advancement, to ensure we can fulfil your wishes within the scope of Burgmann’s activities.

Photo captions:
4) Tash Salisbury, Jonny Lang, Erin Ronge & Arabella Davey at the Inward Bound End Point
5) Residents of 1989
6) Poppy Thomson, Will Salkeld (Burgmann Residents 2020-Present) & Jonny Lang (Burgmann Resident 2018-2020)

Dr Susanna Price, Burgmann Resident 1971-1972; Council MemberPeople are inspired to make bequests to Burgmann for many different, deeply personal reasons. Dr Susanna Price and Dr John C Mitchell OAM are two Burgmann alumni who have generously shared their stories of why they chose to support Burgmann in this way. Click the links to read more:

“There is a lot to admire in the collegiate experience Burgmann has updated for the 21st century, while still retaining its iconic traditions.” 
Dr Susanna Price, Burgmann Resident 1971-1972; Council Member

Aiden Matson & Justin Ji, Burgmann Residents 2018-2021 & 2018-2022 respectively

The St Beryl Society

Everyone who makes a gift in their Will to Burgmann College is eligible to be a member of the St Beryl Society, which was created specially to bestow recognition on those who choose to support the College in this way. Read more

Find Out More

To find out more about making a gift in your Will to Burgmann, please download our Gifts in Wills Booklet or contact our Director of Advancement Ms Amelia Zaraftis,
ph: +61 (0)2 6125 6890, email:

Resident Leadership Team 2019

Download Gifts in Wills Booklet (PDF 2.2 MB)

Thank you so much for considering a bequest to Burgmann College.

I Have Already Made a Gift to Burgmann in My Will

If you have already made a gift to Burgmann College in your Will, our sincerest thanks - we deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. If you are willing to share details with our Advancement Office, please complete the Gifts in Wills Notification Form below. We would also like to show our gratitude by inviting you to become a member of the St Beryl Society.

Residents studying in the Grenfell Price RoomDownload Gifts in Wills Notification Form (PDF 122.92 KB)

Thank you so much for choosing to support Burgmann College. We look forward to welcoming you to the St Beryl Society!

Photo captions:
7) Dr Susanna Price, Burgmann Resident 1971-1972; Council Member
8) Aiden Matson & Justin Ji, Burgmann Residents 2018-2021 & 2018-2022 respectively
9) Leadership Team 2019
10) Residents studying in the Grenfell Price Room