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We are delighted to invite you to this special 50th anniversary event celebrating half a century of the place more than 10,000 students of the Australian National University have called home since 1971. Back-to-Burg is a three-day weekend all about reconnecting with old friends and colleagues, while bridging generations of ‘Burgies’ and 'Burgmannites’. Our weekend program allows ample opportunity to catch up and share memories, participate in familiar, much-loved traditions, and see how our cherished Burgmann spirit lives on. Read more



Principal Renouf’s 2022 Family Weekend Speech

After the two years we have just come through I am filled with gratitude and awe at the way our community rallies to navigate challenging times together.

There were many highlights to Semester 1, however the Burgmann Band’s Big Night Out win was certainly a standout. Congratulations to band members Aiden, Thomas, Poppy, Zara, Bridget, Darcy, Sam, Lily, Jade, Josh, Tom, Ryan and Kirby who worked so hard! These BNO Champions really gave it their all. During their rehearsal nights in the Chapel I confess I was a stone’s throw away in my kitchen having a boogie to Beyoncé with my daughters, Margot and Ava.

In February, soon after our Welcome Weekend and New Residents Welcome Program, Covid became an unwanted (but not unexpected) guest at the College, as I explain in my speech at the Family Weekend Gala Dinner in more