Message from the Principal ~ December Alumni & Friends Newsletter


At this year’s Valete dinner I wished our leaving residents farewell and good luck and said that I hoped Burgmann has played an important role in fostering lifelong friendships; that they will look back on this time fondly. When I think about what Burgmann is about and what this time in people’s lives is about, if I can offer anything, it would be this: Life is not defined by high distinctions or internships. They’re fine things, but they’re not, the thing. Life is defined by the strength and quality of your relationships, by the dedication to your purpose, and by the depth and genuineness of your service to others. It’s measured in the resilience you develop in the face of adversity and in the kindness you show to the people in your orbit. I think this is what Burgmann is all about. Read our December 2021 Alumni & Friends Newsletter.


Inaugural Alumni Awards Announcement

In our 50th year, it is with pleasure we announce the inaugural recipients of the Burgmann College Alumni Awards. These awards recognise, encourage and celebrate alumni excellence across a broad range of criteria, for endeavours both inside and outside the College community, and at different levels of accomplishment and life stages. The awards also recognise our outstanding volunteers and staff for their commitment and contribution to the Burgmann community. Read more about our inaugural recipients and watch their full video messages.