Help us build bright Burgmann Futures

At our recent Family Weekend Ball at the National Museum of Australia, Burgmann alumna Sai Campbell officially launched our 2023 Bursary Appeal.

Sai was only able to take up her offer of a place to study at ANU with the support of a Burgmann Bursary in 2019. Recently announced as a 2023 Rhodes Scholar, Sai completed her Bachelor of Philosophy (Science) with Honours at the ANU in 2022 and was awarded the Tillyard Prize (ANU) and the Burgmann College Medal.

Sai is a true inspiration and shares her story to encourage our community to support future residents through giving to the Burgmann Bursary Fund.

At Burgmann, we believe that students from all backgrounds should have equal access to education and opportunity. This is a value that Burgmann College holds dear and has been a part of our foundation since we were established in 1971.

With the rising cost of living, there has never been a harder time in Burgmann’s history for diverse and low-SES students to access higher education. Moving for university is unattainable for many low-SES students, particularly those from regional backgrounds, due to the associated and ongoing costs.

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Principal Sally Renouf on New Beginnings

Our 2023 Commencement Dinner was held at the National Arboretum on 24 March, where residents and guests were treated to breathtaking views of Canberra in perfect sunset light.  

Highlights of the evening included an inspiring Welcome and speech by Ngambri Elder and friend of Burgmann College, Dr Aunty Matilda House, the announcement of our 2022 College Medalists, and a visit from St Beryl and her acrobatic Leaping Nuns.  

Sally spoke on the theme of New Beginnings, and it was a timely reminder of the importance of the collegial residential experience, particularly after the isolation many have felt over the past few years. Mostly, however, it was a call to celebrate where we’ve been, how far we’ve come, and the promise of the future ahead. 

‘If there could be a theme for tonight, I would want it to be new beginnings. After two-and-a-bit years of hibernating and protecting ourselves, it feels like 2023 is the year we finally get to emerge and share ourselves with the world again.'

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