Burgmann Alumni Association


The Burgmann College Alumni Association was formally established on 1 October 2011 as part of Burgmann College Incorporated.


The objects are:

  • to foster the interests of Burgmann College including the Burgmann Residents' Association; and
  • to facilitate interaction and fellowship amongst Burgmann alumni.


All alumni of the College as defined in the Rules of Burgmann College Inc are members of the Association.  Persons who have resided at College for less than the time specified in the Rules may be admitted as members by decision of the Committee.

All other members of convocation of the College are honorary members of the Association.  Honorary members may participate in the Association as members including as Committee members though they may not vote in elections for the committee.

Members or honorary members may opt to terminate their membership.


The Association may:

  • make nominations for appointment to the four convocation positions on the Council of Burgmann College Inc
  • recommend members of its Committee for appointment to the Alumni Committee of Council
  • recommend its President for appointment as chair of the Alumni Committee of Council
  • effect communication amongst its members.


The Committee of the Association consists of:

  • President
  • Two Vice Presidents and
  • Up to eleven additional members

The committee exercises the powers of the Association between general meetings and manages acts of the Association as directed by Council or Board and makes recommendations for such direction.

The Committee currently meets four times a year at Burgmann College. Any member may participate in meetings of the Committee with the Committee’s agreement.

Patrons and Ambassadors

Ms Judy Middlebrook and The Hon Peter Garrett AM MP are patrons of the Association.  All former Presidents of the Burgmann Residents' Association are Ambassadors of the Association.


For further infromation about the Alumni Association please contact the College at reception@burgmann.anu.edu.au.

The Burgmann Alumni Association Constitution is available in PDF format below.