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BACK-TO-BURG ALUMNI WEEKEND - 19-21 November 2021


We are delighted to invite you to this special 50th anniversary event, celebrating half a century of the place more than 10,000 aspiring students of the Australian National University have called home, since 1971.

This three-day weekend is about reconnecting with old friends and colleagues, while bridging generations of ‘Burgmannites’ and ‘Burgies’, from earliest residents to current day, along with the staff and many other supporters who have helped shape our rich collegial culture over the last 50 years. The program allows ample opportunity to catch up and share memories, participate in familiar, much-loved traditions, and to see how our cherished Burgmann spirit lives on. 

Regional, Interstate and Overseas Events

We're happy to help you organise an event in your area.  If you would like to hold a Burgmann gathering for alumni living in your area, then we can work with you to organise the event. Please contact the College by telephone on +61 2 6125 6100 for further information.

Organising your own event at Burgmann

If you would like to organise your own event at Burgmann please see the functions page or contact the College by telephone +61 2 6125 6100 for more information.

Burgmann College's 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2021

Burgmann will be celebrating its 50th birthday in 2021 and we hope that no matter where you are around the world you will join us in marking this important milestone. We look forward to sharing with you the details of our year-long festivities soon, but rest assured there will be plenty of stories, good food and good company.

Burgmann College's 45th Anniversary Celebration in 2016

Please click on the YouTube video clip to see highlights from the 45th Anniversary Celebration that was held on Saturday, 3 September 2016.

The College was proud to recognize the outstanding contribution of Ms Judith Middlebrook to Burgmann College and we formally recognized her as an Honorary Fellow of the College.

We were honoured to host the world-premiere of the song cycle, Love, the Rover, as well. Commissioned by previous Principal, Dr Philip Dutton, on behalf of the College, Dr Bradley Kunda composed the song cycle which featured poetry by Henry Lawson.  We loved the performance of the piece by Bradley Kunda and Rebecca MacCallion, soprano.