Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths


Mr Kedar Abhyankar

Current Position:  Recent Graduate

Professional Field:  Chemistry

Kedar graduated in December 2016, BSc (Advanced) (Honours), with 1st class honours.  Interested in organometallic chemistry and worked under Prof. Tony Hill. He was a C.A.S. Hawker scholar from 2014 to 2016.   Kedar's professional career is in its infancy (potentially non-existent).


Mr Manab Chetia

Employer:  Freelancer International Pty Ltd

Current Position:  Data Scientist

Professional Field:  Computing

Many people has helped Manab in his career and he would love to do the same.





Dr Anri Forrest

Employer:  Alfred Health

Current Position:  Doctor, Intern

Professional Field:  Medicine

Completed BSc (psych, neuroscience) at ANU in 2011 (Burgmann college).  Commenced Doctor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne 2012. Completed research with Royal Children's Hospital Paediatric Intensive Care Department. Now employed at Alfred Health.


Mr Matthew Geleta

Employer:  The University of Oxford

Current Position:  Graduate Student

Professional Field:  Mathematical Research

MSc math (Uni of Oxford, Christ Church), BSc hons physics (ANU, Burgmann), BSc math (Uni of Melb, Trinity).  Current: PhD in the mathematics of information (Uni of Cambridge, Peterhouse).


Mr ASM Shahriar Jahan

Employer:  Public Works Department, Goverment of Bangladesh

Current Position:  Sub-Divisional Engineer

Professional Field:  Civil Engineering

Structural Design of Public Buildings




Dr Jacqui Jones

Employer:  ACT Health

Current Position:  Doctor, Intern

Professional Field:  Medicine

Jacqui graduated from ANU Medical School in 2016 and is currently completing her intern year with ACT Health.  Prior to medical school, she completed a degree in Exercise Physiology and worked for a number of years in medical administration.



Dr Robyn Levingston

Employer:  Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology

Current Position:  Consultant Histopathologist

Professional Field:  Medicine

After studying psychology at ANU, I studied medicine at UNSW. I have been a doctor for over 30 years and have been working full time as a histopathologist for the last 16 years, specialising in gastrointestinal pathology and neuropathology.


Dr Joshua Machacek

Employer:  ANU

Current Position:  Research Fellow

Professional Field:  Physics


Ms Sally Mayberry

Employer:  Bowdens Silver

Current Position:  Senior Environmental Advisor

Professional Field:  Environmental Science / Geology

Sally is an environmental professional with geological understanding. I specialise in problem solving, efficiencies and working within, but thinking outside of the accepted norm. Coal, CSG, drilling & drilling waste and silver mining experience.


Dr Mathew McGann

Employer:  Self-Employed

Current Position:  Co-Founder

Professional Field:  Physics & Entrepreneur

Mathew studied a physics PhD and lived at Burgmann from 2007-2010.   He did some science communication, podcasting, wrote for Woroni, almost got expelled and ran InnovationACT competition before finally submitting the PhD. Thereafter he left academia to start a startup.


Dr Jack Purcell

Employer:  Prince of Wales Hospital

Current Position:  Registrar

Professional Field:  Intensive Care Medicine

Jack is training in the field of intensive care medicine after completing his medical degree at ANU in 2012.  He recently completed the First Part examination for the ICU training pathway, a year long examination process. He also have 5 years clinical work.


Dr Iman Shames

Employer:  University of Melbourne

Current Position:  Senior Lecturer

Professional Field:  Engineering (Electrical & Electronics - Control)

Iman Shames is currently a Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the University of Melbourne. He received his Ph.D. degree in engineering and computer science from ANU in 2011.


Ms Laura Wey

Employer:  ANU

Current Position:  Research Assistant

Professional Field:  Science Research

Laura completed her PhB with Hons in Biology in 2015.  She works as a Research Assistant with a genetics group in the Research School of Biology at ANU.  She is Canberra based until mid-September 2017, when she moves to the UK to start her PhD in Biochemistry at Cambridge.


Mr Glenn Mattlocks

Employer:  Visor Consulting

Current Position:  Principal Consultant

Professional Field:  Information Security

Glen is a specialist and leader in the Australian IT community and has been widely recognised for services to information security, governance, risk management and compliance.  His career began within Australian intelligence and law enforcement communities where he led a group of local analysts working on telecommunications and cryptographic challenges of the time.  This group was part of a global virtual team that succeeded in solving previously untenable challenges.  In 1998 Glen was acknowledged by the US National Security Agency for his services to the field.  He now focuses on providing advice and assistance to clients, helping secure their valuable information.  He has spoken at a range of major information security related conferences and has delivered post graduate courses on Cybercrime and IT compliance at Australian Universities.