Bruadarach Award 2017 Awarded






The 2017 Bruadarach Award was presented to Mr Henry Delves at Commencement, held March 8th.  The award, sponsored by alumnus Casey White and his family, recognizes a Burgmann College resident who has expressed an outstanding entrepreneurial spirit by providing an educationally beneficial experience outside the norm.

Henry was a Residential Advisor in 2018, and a Sports Representative on BRA in 2017.  Aside from his extensive contribution to the College through his formal leadership positions, he also created, "River2Lake", a local charity run of 47.5kms from the River starting at Jubilee Oval to Lake Wyangan NSW, in support of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF).  Efforts from the charity run went to help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.  Henry is passionate about the cause and strongly believes that young people should not ever have to go through childhood and young adulthood with the shadow of diabetes hanging over them.  Henry convinced a number of Burgmann residents to run the distance with him and a large number of residents got behind the cause and helped organise.  Henry's initiative raised $12,045.80 for JDRF.

The award includes a certificate, engraved medal, $2,000 cash prize and the recipient's engraved name on the Bruadarach shield which hangs on display in the Dining Room of the College.



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