Moving ANZAC Day Service led by residents

Joseph Negrine playing bagpipes at the ANZAC Day ServiceFor this year’s ANZAC Day, a group of 11 undergraduate and postgraduate residents ran a moving commemorative service for residents, staff and alumni, featuring poems, personal reflections, and letters sent home from the battlefield during World War I, as well as a bagpipe performance by current resident Joseph Negrine.

As part of the commemorative activities, we also raised money for Legacy, which provides services to Australian families suffering after the injury or death of a spouse or parent, during or after their time in the Defence Force.

A display around the College shared reflections from residents, staff and alumni on what ANZAC Day means to them. Key themes included the opportunity to reflect collectively as a community, to remember those who fought for the way of life we have today, and to recognise the sacrifice and courage of soldiers past and present.

For me personally, ANZAC Day has always been important. Both my parents have served in the Defence Force, with my dad doing tours in Afghanistan. I’ve been involved in the organisation of the ANZAC Day Service at Burgmann for the past three years, including with my sister in 2019, and a Burg Radio special in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown.

I was very grateful this year to be able to organise the service with the support and assistance of the College, particularly Advancement Support Officer Hope Dyson, as part of the College's 50th anniversary celebrations.

I really hope the tradition of hosting an ANZAC Day Service at Burgmann continues in future years.

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Lucy Coote, 3rd year resident
BRA Secretary & 50th Anniversary Officer

Photo: Joseph Negrine playing bagpipes at the ANZAC Day Service
Photo credit: Amelia Zaraftis 



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