Welcome, Ava!

We know you will join us in warmly congratulating Principal Sally Renouf and her husband, Brodie Buckland, who were delighted to welcome Ava Christie Renouf Buckland to the world on 25 August 2020 as the newest Burgmann baby. Having a young family on campus has been a special experience for both Sally and the residents. Sally shares her perspective below:

What does it mean to live on site with your family?

When our first daughter Margot was about 18 months old, she was being minded on the back lawn by a resident while I was at work. I was looking out from the office area and noticed a throng of Burgies had gathered, sitting around Margot, laughing and playing with her. One of my colleagues joined me and observed, “In terms of pastoral care, she’s more effective than the petting zoo BRA arranged.”

And they weren’t wrong. Babies, puppies, and free coffee: three things guaranteed to bring utter joy to our community.

The real joy, however, is for our little family. To be raising our two girls in the vibrant and caring community of Burgmann is a great privilege and will undoubtedly shape their characters for the better. It has certainly already had an impact on Margot.

When Margot was two years old or so, we were walking through the airport terminal and I noticed she kept waving to everyone or holding her hand out for a high-five to people as they passed. She didn’t understand why some people didn’t wave back like they did at College. She was used to residents stopping to say hello or give her a high-five and expected no less from the general public.

The community spirit is strong in this one!

Principal Sally Renouf

Photo Caption: Principal Sally Renouf’s two daughters, Margot (3 years) and Ava (3 months)



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