Burgmann Residents' Association

The Burgmann Residents’ Association (BRA) is the organisation run by a committee of residents to support all those who live at Burgmann in all facets of their college lives. BRA organises and initiates a wide range of activities and events for residents to get involved in, providing essential social, artistic and sporting activities. The committee also ensures that all residents are given a voice in College matters, acting as an important bridge between the college administration and the residents. BRA provides the voice for the residents in the running of the College through communication with the Principal, the College Council and Board of Management.

The BRA House Committee is headed by the executive, consisting of the President, two Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer and the Secretary. There are four Sports and two Arts Reps who are also part of the BRA House committee, all of whom are members of their respective Interhall Sports and Arts Committees. These committees organise and supervise all interhall sports and arts events throughout the year, giving you the opportunity to meet and interact with not only your fellow Burgmann residents, but also residents from the other halls and colleges of ANU. The rest of the House Committee consists of the International Rep and the Postgraduate Rep, who are representatives of the international and postgraduate residents. The job of these representatives is to host events targeting international and postgraduate residents whilst still engaging the rest of the college.