Undergraduate Fees

Fees for 2024 Undergraduates

43 week contracts are available for returning residents in the fully catered (undergraduate) wings.

43.57 week contracts are available for new residents in the fully catered (undergraduate) wings.

Room Type Weekly Fee Total
Single (43 weeks, returners) $525.00 $22,575.00
Single (43.57 weeks, new residents) $525.00 $22,874.25

Up Front Fees

In addition to the weekly fee there are upfront payments required. Of these, the two deposits are payable by both new and returning residents to confirm acceptance of place.  

Fee Type Amount
ANU Application Fee (new residents only) A once-only fee for new residents charged by Burgmann College and returned to ANU once residents are in residence. (2024 rate to be confirmed by ANU) $140
Registration Fee (new residents only) A once-only fee to defray the costs involved in the administration of new residents. Forfeited if a resident fails to come into College, having accepted an offer of a place. $392
General Deposit (new residents only) REFUNDABLE If all contractual obligations are fulfilled, the deposit is refundable on request following the end of a residents College career, after deducting any outstanding charges. Where a residents application to resign from their Contract is accepted the Deposit is retained. $875
Card/Key Deposit (new residents only) REFUNDABLE Refundable on a residents final departure from College provided all cards/keys issued are returned. A $70 charge is also made for any rekeying caused by a lost room card/key. Other lost cards/keys (bike shed, security door key etc) also incur charges. $125
Communication Fee A non-refundable fee covering telephone connection and maintenance, computer room facilities, services and infrastructure. Telephones are installed in each residents room. It is a condition of entry to the College that residents agree to have the telephone connected to their rooms. To make calls, a residents telephone account must also be in credit. Calls within ANU are free. $413
Resident Building Levy This is to be used to fund various resident approved capital refurbishments of the College . $207
Capital Works Fee This is to be used to fund various capital refurbishments of the College buildings and grounds outside of the resident approved projects. $197
Unattributed Loss and Damage Recovery Fee (ULDR) This non-refundable fee covers the cost of damage to, loss or recovery of, property within College where such is beyond reasonable wear and tear and cannot be attributed to any individual or group. As an incentive to BRA to encourage residents to reduce damage etc, BRA is credited at end of each term with half of any monies left in this fund, calculated on a pro rata term basis. $74
Burgmann Residents' Association (BRA) Fee Membership of the Burgmann Residents’ Association and payment of this non-refundable fee is a condition of acceptance into membership of College. This fee helps to fund BRA’s range of annual activities for its members. Indicative – TBC October 2023 AGM $225
Total up front fees payable by NEW UNDERGRADUATE RESIDENTS $2,648
Total up front fees payable by RETURNING UNDERGRADUATE RESIDENTS $1,116

Further information will be provided regarding the 2024 Statement of Fees & General Conditions with your residential contract.