BCAA President's Report - Dec 2022

It’s strange, but most things went to plan in Burgmann’s 51st year… After a bumpy start (thanks again, COVID) there was an almost full year of uninterrupted university with no further lockdowns! O’Week, Monsterbrain, Bar nights & the Ball, Dawborn, Sports and Art shields, Luigi’s, even the dreaded September study fluff all happened when they normally do.  Like the rest of Australia, COVID was a continuing scourge, but study and social lives set the Burgmann agenda rather than the pandemic. Long may this continue!


Message from the Burgmann College Alumni Association President

Covid-19, the most impactful pandemic in a century, continued to deliver surprises in Burgmann’s 50th year. Rather than last year’s shutdown, Burgmann residents went into lockdown at the College. So close to lecture halls and the Burgmann bar and yet so far away, residents studied in their rooms and exercised in pairs. Thankfully the Burgmann spirit shone through with online entertainment and Covid safe activities quickly established to keep the community sane and safe.


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